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Practicing Stewardship Part One:  Time & Talent

Dear Friends in Christ,

            Over the past year and a half, as the world population has had to react to not only a devasting pandemic but also the restrictions that have followed, many have turned to science and medicine for answers.  In my own quest for the truth and a better understanding of this virus, I have been reminded of a guiding principle of medicine, one I had overlooked in recent years.  As I have done my own research, I have come across many experts in infectious disease and internal medicine, from around the world, who have appealed to the importance of “practicing medicine.”  When we speak about our primary care physician, we also speak about their “practice” as the place in which they meet with their patients, diagnose, and treat the underlying condition.  Doctors are often referred to as practitioners of medicine.  Taking this a step further, doctors also speak about practicing the Art of Medicine.  Implicit in the word practice is the fact that doctors must continually train, study, and react to their individual patients and their needs.  Implicit in the term “art of medicine” is the fact that one size does not fit all.  A good doctor understands that each patient is different, and that finding the proper remedy can vary from patient to patient.  A doctor who keeps this holistic view of the person truly practices the art of medicine.

            A similar dynamic can be spoken of regarding the Catholic principle of stewardship.  Jesus uses the Parable of the Talents (Matthew 25:14-30) to show the various ways people can respond to the gifts they’ve received in life.  The servant in the parable who buries his talent meets an awful fate.  The lesson is clear.  God expects us to actively use our talents and multiply them for His glory and honor.  I want to thank all those who participated in our parish clean-up day last Saturday, the campus looks amazing!  I am also grateful for the many ways our parishioners give of their time and talent in serving on our various parish ministries, from our Faith Formation programs, Hospitality, the Knights of Columbus, the SJAA, as well as our school committees and those that support the upkeep of our church and property.  There are plenty of others I didn’t list as well.  If you are willing and able, I would encourage you to visit our website and prayerfully discern an area where you might use your time and talents for building-up the Kingdom of God here at St. Joseph Church & School.  Let’s all become practitioners in the art of practicing stewardship.

In Christ,

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Thanks to your generosity 12 Christian girls from the Good Shepherds Home in Pakistan, who were studying in a Muslim school, have been admitted into St. Peter’s and Paul’s Catholic High School. They are now able to study their own religion and be brought up in the Catholic Faith.




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