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Recommitting to Fatherhood

Dear Friends in Christ,

            As this Sunday is also Father’s Day, I wish to thank our fathers, including my own, for the indispensable role you fulfill in strengthening marriage and the family.  As the family goes, so too the Church and society.  Therefore, the more we as a parish community of St. Joseph Church & School can support marriage and the family through our lived faith, beginning with Sunday worship, the stronger our Church and society will become.  In this Year to Recommit, we have focused on the theme of recommitment, both personally and through various parish ministries in re-establishing our commitment to Jesus Christ and our Catholic faith.  This weekend we will begin a two-part homilies series dedicated to fatherhood and recommitment to this essential vocation.  Part one will focus on fatherhood in marriage while next weekend we will focus on spiritual fatherhood, exemplified in the priesthood. 

As this is also the Year of St. Joseph, I would like to quote from Saint John Paul II’s Apostolic Letter titled, “Redemptoris Custos,” on the importance of Saint Joseph as a model for every father.  He writes, “St. Joseph was called by God to serve the person and mission of Jesus directly through the exercise of his fatherhood.  His fatherhood is expressed concretely in his having made his life a service, a sacrifice to the mystery of the Incarnation and to the redemptive mission connected with it; in having used the legal authority which was his over the Holy Family in order to make a total gift of self, of his life and work; in having turned his human vocation to domestic love into a superhuman oblation of self, an oblation of his heart and all his abilities into love placed at the service of the Messiah growing up in his house.”  While this saintly insight into the true meaning of fatherhood is not espoused by Hollywood, it is espoused in sacred scripture, our sacred Catholic tradition, and this parish.

On this Father’s Day, my prayer for the fathers of this parish is twofold.  First, I pray that every father would recommit to his primary vocation in support of his wife and children through the intercession of St. Joseph.  Second, I would hope that our fathers reflect on the quote I shared from St. John Paul II regarding the example of St. Joseph as father of the Holy Family.  The more our fathers realize the true meaning of their vocation, not based on what Hollywood espouses but after the example of St. Joseph, the stronger our families will become, this parish, and the larger community.

In the love of God the Father,

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