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Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way:  Confirmation 2021

Dear Friends in Christ,

            On Saturday morning, Bishop Adam Parker will celebrate the Sacrament of Confirmation here at St. Joseph Church & School for the largest class we have had in several years.  The names of the confirmandi, adult catechists, and peer ministers are listed in our bulletin, which can be viewed online for those who cannot receive a hard copy after Mass this weekend.  I am most grateful for the leadership and dedication of our Director of Confirmation, Mrs. Page Naimoli.  Faced with the many unknowns of the pandemic this past summer, Page set-out to offer this program in-person.  To do so, Page moved the sessions outdoors and established all the necessary protocols to protect against the spread of COVID-19.  I am happy to report that these measures were successful, as has been the case with our weekend Masses and the operation of our school.   That is, there was no spread of COVID-19 associated with these in-person gatherings.

            To my knowledge, our parish is one of the only parishes in the entire Archdiocese that was able to offer an in-person program this fall.  It was clear from our first outdoor session that our candidates, all freshman in high school, were quite eager to socialize with their friends and make new friends, especially since there had been such little social interaction over the summer and the school year had gone virtual.  We were blessed with many adult catechists as well as peer mentors who each in their own way contributed immensely to this program.  In fact, the number of youth volunteers continues to grow each year.  The candidates, as they shared in their letters at the conclusion of the program, really enjoyed their service projects and expressed a desire to get more involved.  The curriculum we use, developed by Matthew Kelly, stresses that God the Father wants us to become the “Best version of ourselves.”  Well, I am confident that this desire of the Lord’s came about over the past six months.  Yes, there is great hope for our parish, Church, and country in this generation of young people.

            Please join us at 10:00a.m. on Saturday morning to view the livestream Mass offered by Bishop Parker, or you can view a recorded version on our website- I know you will be inspired.  Again, I want to thank Page, as well our Faith Formation team, which includes Teresa Stitz and Sherrie Palmateer, for putting their faith over fear into action, in providing this exceptional program in an exceptional year.  We do not yet know the ways in which the Holy Spirit will work in the hearts of the confirmandi thanks to the grace received and impact of this program, but I am quite certain that if our program had not been offered in-person, 86 young people from our parish would not have experienced the positive transformation that came about.  How will you avail yourself of the Lord’s transformative grace in this Year to Recommit?

With Deepest Gratitude,

Year to Recommit 6 Part Homily Series

6-week program on prayer and discernment with Fr. John Rapisarda

We'll look at how to strengthen our relationship with the Lord through prayer, and how to understand how God has called each one of us individually to recommit to our vocations, the Lord and our parish, and outreach.

Saturdays from January 9th - February 13th
Join us in the hall after Saturday 8:15am Mass for light refreshments.
 Sessions will take place from 9am - 10:30am in the Parish Hall

No reservations required.
All sessions will be livestreamed

The Year to Recommit: St. Joseph Fullerton

  Please support our international outreach efforts in this
Year to Recommit 20-21

Philippines Devastated by Typhoons and Floods Leaving Many Homeless

Dear St. Joseph Church & School Community, 

Many Filipinos are in need of immediate help after suffering the brunt of Typhoon Ulysses (Vamco), which came only a week after Super Typhoon Rolly (Goni), 2020’s most powerful tropical storm the world has even seen.  On November 12th, Typhoon Ulysses battered 1/3 of Philippines, with many losing family members, leaving several communities flooded and homes roofless. This triggered immediate appeals for rescue, aid, and relief as the typhoon left massive floods in the region.  Seeing the impact of Typhoon Ulysses in hard-hit areas, various groups quickly responded to relief appeals from affected communities.

We need people like you who can contribute to change their present situation especially with the holidays around the corner. Please help to support family and friends of our many Filipino parishioners by sending a donation. 

Read more from our outreach committee on how they are taking action to help those affected and how you can donate today.

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Read more on how the Philippines were affected by typhoons and floods leaving many homeless. See how you can help out today


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