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The Year to Become What we Receive

Dear Friends in Christ,

            With a new school year well underway, and the glorious month of October upon us, we have commenced with a new theme for this ministry year of 2022-2023 as well.  To build on last year’s theme of integration as the Body of Christ here at St. Joseph Church & School, this year’s theme is: The Year to Become What we Receive.  A review of our bulletin over the past month bears witness to the ways in which we have actualized our goal of greater integration.  If you would like to view past editions of our bulletin, you can do so through our website.  I am proud and most grateful of what we have accomplished in this area, but the work is never done.  In fact, integration is not an end in itself, but rather a byproduct of what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ.

            In Genesis Chapter 11, we read how the whole world had a common language, but instead of glorifying God, they sought to glorify themselves, by building the Tower of Babel to make a name for themselves.  Because of their pride and sense of self-importance, God scattered the people by giving them many languages, and thereby causing disunity.  Sadly, not much has changed in the 21st Century.  Modern man has placed himself at the center of existence, rather than God.  Even worse, through modern technology and radical ideologies, God is being cast aside as irrelevant while enlightened man plays God with human life and basic anthropology.  The lesson in our day is clear, If the Lord does not build the house, if the Lord is not at the center of our efforts at integration and growth as the Body of Christ, our efforts are doomed to fail.

            This year’s theme is meant to remind us that unless we are receiving the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ in the Eucharist on a weekly basis, nourished by the grace of the Sacrament of Reconciliation and a life of personal prayer, our efforts will be in vain.  On the other hand, when we come to the Lord with an open heart and open hands, He can do great things, and we can truly become what we receive- Jesus!  This Sunday we are introducing a new song that I was blessed to create called, “Mystical Body of Christ.”  I want to thank the band for offering their musical interpretation to this song as well.  We will have a recording on the website in the coming weeks.  This weekend will also mark the beginning of a new homily series titled:  Called to Become What we Receive:  Lessons from St. Francis of Assisi.  This new homily series will take us to the conclusion of this liturgical year with the Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe.

May we become what we receive,

Please enjoy listening to our anthem song for the Year to Integrate the Parts of the Body at St. Joseph Church & School titled "Jesus is Calling," written by Fr. Jesse. 

Jesus is Calling
Jesus is calling, calling us now to holiness.
Jesus is calling, open up your heart and let Him in.
Jesus is calling, calling us now to sacrifice.
Jesus is calling, open up your heart and let Him in.
He prayed, on the night He was betrayed,
Father, make them one, as we are one.
The Eucharist makes us one, in His Body and His Blood.
The Lamb who was slain, the Spotless One. The Savior of the world.
The Eucharist makes us one, in His Body and His Blood.
The Lamb who was slain, the Spotless One.
Jesus is calling, calling us now to holiness.
Jesus is calling, open up your heart and let Him in.
Jesus is calling….. He is calling.
Jesus is calling….. He is calling.
Jesus is calling….. He is calling.

Talitha Qum Program Origin - Archdiocese of Cartagena was born in 2014 in response to the social problems to which children and adolescents of the San Francisco neighborhood are exposed (abuse, sexual exploitation, human trafficking, early pregnancies, domestic and neighborhood violence...).

The goal is to empower the girls and adolescents of the Talitha Qum Program of the Archdiocese of Cartagena in prevention of abuse, sexual exploitation and human trafficking, through a comprehensive training process, having as a fundamental basis the strengthening of human-Christian values and the evangelization with an impact on the family and society.

The International Outreach Committee is working on raising funds to assist the Talitha Qum program. The project’s current priority is to complete construction of the headquarters which will serve as a location for education. Our goal is to raise $25,000. With the outpour of generosity, we have been able to raise $21,741! We ask for your continued support as we work towards our goal amount.

Check out these recent photos taken at the Talitha Qum Center in Cartagena, Columbia, by the Chair of our International Outreach Committee, Mrs Glenda Habeych-Randall and her husband Mitch. The funds we have sent are being used to finish work on the center and strengthen the security fencing around the center.






    Our mission is to strengthen marriage and the family through the sacramental life of the Church and to cultivate a spirit of shared commitment to the following areas of Christian life: Conversion, Discipleship, and Evangelization.

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