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At St. Joseph's, we offer an exciting opportunity for high school youth to encounter Christ through the Beyond program. Learning about God is not supposed to be something that is uninteresting or boring. At Beyond, our goal is to reach our teens where they are and talk about our faith in a way that relates to them. Everything we do, from playing games, listening to music and talking about God and our lives is focused to lead our youth to a deeper relationship with Christ through his Church. Each evening at Beyond focuses on three elements: fun, faith and fellowship.


To start each evening at beyond there is an unstructured 'Hang-Out Time.' The parish hall is equipped with the best in board games, card games, food and music. There's also a foosball table, ping pong table and 9 square game (best game ever) set up each night. 



Performances by our Student Worship Band followed by a Gospel Centered Message. We will be applying the word of God to the lives of our students, messages will be delivered by members of the student ministry team in a large group setting.


In high school it can be difficult to connect with your peers. In our small groups, your teen will get a chance to make virtuous friends. After the large group message, the teens get to apply the message to their lives. With guided questions, the small group leader will get the conversations going and be their to keep the group on track.

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