Form must be turned into the Parish Office or at the first Confirmation session


What do Sponsors ‘Do’?
We may agree that as adults in today’s world we are used to being defined by what we do. In fact, this is a common first question we ask one another on first meeting. It is a comfortable way to initiate the small talk that at some point might evolve into deeper conversation. Yes, as a Confirmation sponsor, you will have particular things “to do”. This will include attending rehearsal and presenting the candidate to the bishop on the day of Confirmation. But you are about to embark on a journey with a young person. What you DO is not the primary concern. This is a journey less concerned with what you will do as a sponsor and more with who you are as a person of the Gospel. This journey will take you and a young person to new and exciting places in your lives of faith. Can a young person read the Good News in the actions of your life?
Called to Relationship with Youth
In your role as a sponsor, you are part of an exercise in building relationships. These relationships allow young people to know adults who care about them and who are willing to walk as companion pilgrims on a life-long journey of faith. A special young person has called you into deeper relationship. At the center of this relationship is our faith.
Nurturer and Supporter of Faith Growth
You are one of the nurturers and supporters of faith growth for the Confirmation candidate. The integrity with which you live your faith and take care of its growth is as important as the walk in faith you are a part of with the young person. You have been chosen to share that faith which is a gift freely given by God.
Being Present
Your presence in the life of the young person who has chosen you as sponsor is essential. Your relationship has the potential for creating very sacred space between the two of you--Holy Ground. To walk on holy ground with a young person is indeed a blessing. We encourage you to use this phase of candidate preparation as a time to help your candidate grow in faith while at the same time renewing your own faith.
Sponsor Requirements:
The sponsor needs to be willing to meet with the candidate on a regular basis prior to Confirmation and to make a commitment to continue the faith journey after Confirmation. The sponsor is to attend, stand witness for his/her candidate, and present his/her candidate to the Bishop at the Confirmation Liturgy.
Attendance is required at the:
-Confirmation Rehearsal
-Confirmation Liturgy
How Do I Share Faith?
Central to being a Confirmation sponsor is sharing with young people the worthy adventure of living a gospel-centered life. You may not feel equipped for this task, but don’t worry; neither did the first disciples of Jesus! As part of the confirmation journey we will provide you with the opportunity and tools needed to help you share your faith with your candidate.


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